The inspiration behind Bicester Heritage is to create a robust future for our sector, the hobby and the businesses, people and skills that make it possible.

We’ve already made big strides in developing Bicester Heritage, but like realising any big idea, it doesn’t happen overnight. Here you can read a snapshot of where we’re up to and the plans we have in place. As you’ll see, by ‘the future’ we mean 2016: we already have 10 specialists, including a classic car storage business, and have hosted events from the All-Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicle Club to the VSCC.

Home to a complete portfolio of specialists

The coming months will see us adding to the specialists already here. Our philosophy is simple: we want a full range of complementary specialists to provide a complete ‘eco system’ for classic cars, motorcycles and aeroplanes, and we want the best.

We also see Bicester Heritage as a home for car clubs: a ‘club of clubs’ in effect, offering smaller and larger marque clubs alike a space to store their archives, host their AGMs and meets and improve the service they offer their members.

Heritage, restored

In total we will have some 50 units housed in 40 refurbished red brick buildings of the technical site and will have space for some 500 vehicles to be stored on site. We have already restored and activated 15 of these buildings, preserving their authenticity but adding the services and utilities modern businesses need, including self-contained accommodation for overnight visitors. Our on-site catering facilities will also play a key part in the planned calendar of events run by the leading names in classic car world.

The road ahead

Bicester Heritage is big: 348 acres to be exact. We already have one mile of private road for testing, tuning and simply enjoying classic cars and motorcycles, registered or not. The airfield also has a 2 mile perimeter track, currently a bit more suitable for 4x4s than classic cars, but plans are already in place to refurbish these additional two miles to track standard. And, thanks to our resident gliding club, the airfield itself is well maintained and completely operational.

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