A vintage or classic car, motorcycle or aeroplane is more than an object to be admired. It’s an experience to be enjoyed. We are making that experience easier and more rewarding.

What if you could find everything you need to enjoy your hobby all in one place? The boat business has its marinas, the horse business has its stables, but until now, the classic car and aviation sector has never come together to serve the customers who drive its many businesses.

Wings or wheels; driver, pilot or rider, Bicester Heritage gives you an inspiring setting in which to restore, store, buy, sell and enjoy your vehicle and your hobby. We are home to a growing collection of leading historic vehicle specialists. So you have access to the skills, knowledge and expertise to maintain your ‘device’. All within the 348-acre parkland and period 1920’s buildings of a historic RAF base in the Oxfordshire countryside.

Bicester Heritage is minutes from the M40 and two national railway stations and – for those using a more modern aeroplane and not looking to land here – less than an hour from Heathrow, Birmingham International, Luton and Oxford International airports.

As happens when two or more historic car or aeroplane enthusiasts get together, you will find a welcoming, sociable environment to share your passion, whether you’re already an owner or dream of being one. As we grow, we’ll be organising regular events to share that ‘club’ feeling.

Contact us if you’d like join our email updates list, know more about the specialists already located here or discuss restoring, storing and enjoying your classic car, motorcycle or aeroplane at Bicester Heritage.