The historic vehicle sector has been missing out. The boat business has its marinas, the horse business has its stables, but until now, the historic motoring and aviation sector has never come together to serve the customers who drive its many businesses.

At Bicester Heritage we’re creating a national centre of excellence for the historic vehicle sector. It’s a big idea and, located on a 348-acre 1920s RAF base, it’s taken a big place to bring it to life. Our fifty red brick buildings were built to War Department standards and are being restored and upgraded with the connectivity and services modern day businesses need.

For those specialists who have already made Bicester Heritage their home, the logic of the concept and the magic of the site provide powerful reasons to move here.

The business case

  1. Do more business more profitably. Business parks like Bicester Heritage that focus on a theme see those based there not only do more business through trading and referral: sharing a location makes that business more profitable too.
  2. The magnetism of nostalgia. There’s an atmosphere and excitement to the fifty 1920s and 1930s buildings and parkland of RAF Bicester, the home of Bicester Heritage. It’s not just a powerful draw for customers attracted to a vintage setting moments from the M40. It is also a pretty wonderful place to call ‘the office’.
  3. “The quality of the neighbours defines the street.” We are deliberate and uncompromising in selecting best-of-breed businesses in motoring and aviation. We aim to create a community of businesses that complement rather than compete. By setting the standards high, each business will both contribute to and benefit from the growing reputation of Bicester Heritage.
  4. Space on-site. As airfield, test track and storage site, Bicester Heritage is on a big scale. Many historic vehicle specialists find themselves storing ‘dead’ vehicles, unable to pass on the storage costs. Historit - our storage business - is located in our large hangars. They reduce the space specialists need and allows them to pass on that storage cost.
  5. Shared passion, shared knowledge. As well as the sharing of knowledge and expertise that happens naturally on a business park, we use our own experience of commerce and the sector to support and mentor businesses looking to professionalise. We also use our own networks to create opportunity for specialists.