In 2011 the Bicester Heritage site (formerly RAF Bicester) was designated as a ‘Strategic Development Site’ and was adopted in the Cherwell Local Plan 2015 for ‘Tourism Development’ providing support for heritage tourism uses, leisure, recreation, employment and community uses including the development of hotel and conference facilities.

Our vision remains to ensure the accessibility of heritage motoring through nurturing a specialist community and creating an international centre of excellence for automobiles, past, present and future. Our onsite apprenticeship opportunities enable the transferral of skills and knowledge, through automotive innovation and technology.

The site, firmly embedded within the UK’s ‘motorsport valley’, is an unrivalled destination for historic motoring enthusiasts, offering a global centre of excellence for automotive conservation, engineering and development.



The Command Works, located near Skimmingdish Lane, took just 18 months to complete, providing an extension to the former RAF Technical site, opening up Bicester Heritage to award-winning businesses HERO-ERA, Motorsport UK and the Little Car Company amongst others.

Designed and constructed sympathetically, each new building is different in shape and layout, with a carefully selected colour palette and range of materials specifically chosen to align with our historical buildings. The Command Works not only fits seamlessly within the existing buildings it also adds to the historical site creating a wonderful juxtaposition of traditional and modern business spaces.

Located at the south-western edge of Bicester Heritage, the design and layout were subject to extensive pre-application discussions with Cherwell District Council to ensure that the proposals were properly informed, understanding the site’s heritage significance, character and appearance to ensure that this was preserved.


The Command Works was developed in collaboration with Bicester Heritage’s consultants, Ridge LLP and Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd, extending the existing technical site, creating new business opportunities and increasing the number of highly skilled specialists on the site.

Any enquiries relating to the technical site should be sent to the following email address: cmc@bicestermotion.com