Alvis Arrive and Drive Day

Bicester Heritage played host to an Arrive and Drive day as part of the activities for the Alvis International weekend, organized by the Alvis Owner Club on Saturday 30th August. The gates to the Technical Site were opened to welcome all sorts of magnificent machines and over twenty Alvis cars, displayed in our Motor Transport Yard. Fifty members and guests were met with a warm welcome and refreshments, provided by the AOC team headed by Mayumi Rowe.

Guided tours ensured that the visitors saw the ins and outs of Bicester Heritage’s former RAF Base, including a visit to Historit’s hanger where an impressive Alvis display awaited, including the 1924 Alvis 200 Mile Race Car. Later on two coordinated drives took part on site, with a complex route of the Technical Site designed to challenge the drivers and a chance to test their motor cars on the airfield perimeter track.

The Bicester Gliding Club offered glider launches via aero-tow or winch, with several members seizing the opportunity to jump aboard! The afternoon wound down after a relaxed lunch in the Motor Transport Yard and with a few more laps of the site, the guests began to make their way home by 3pm. Bicester Heritage would like to thank the Alvis Owner Club for their continued support and wish them well with future events.