Saturday June 5th, 9am. That’s when the doors open for the June Scramble event at Bicester Heritage – and it’s also when we throw open the doors (digitally, at least) to Scramblers, our exciting new membership club.

Scramblers is born from the success of the Scramble events – a way for the thousands of visitors to our perfectly preserved 444-acre former WW2 RAF Bomber Training Station to access stories about car culture through the lens of the on-site specialists as they build and support the future for historic motoring.

What do you get for being involved? Free membership unlocks access to the website: home to film, beautiful photography and quality writing about Bicester Heritage and the industry it supports.

We’ll also be hosting Scramblers ‘assemblies’ each month – themed events exclusive to members and held in association with Wriggly Monkey Brewery, our on-site purveyor of pints for petrolheads.

To join, pre-register here and we’ll send you an invitation. Or keep an eye on Bicester Heritage social media this weekend – members can sign up from 9am on Saturday June 5th either in person at the June Scramble or digitally via a link we’ll share on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.