Building 92 - The Parachute Store

Contact: Micheal Harvey


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The Road Rat is a new kind of car magazine. Not overly obsessed with the detail of old cars nor over-impressed with the performance of new; the Road Rat instead firmly believes there are good stories — real stories, stories to consume with relish — in both old and new and in racing too. But above all The Road Rat believes in the glory of magazines; lush, beautiful, valuable, collectable and exquisitely crafted magazines.

Think of us as a carefully-curated bookshop or an horizon-widening record store. We are proudly analogue and believe some things – but mostly beautiful cars – just belong in print. Our name comes from a saying that climbers have. ’Feeding the Rat’ is the need to deal with an obesssive need to climb. For us an open road, a track, a messy old garage and not a snowy mountain summit, is our ‘rat’.