19 December 2020 - 9.30 am - 5 pm

REVS Lockdown Initiative – REVS GARAGISTAS

With the onset of dark evenings, short days, and plenty of vehicles soon to be stored away until next year, the REVS. and his team felt that this was a great opportunity to host another virtual event allowing their online audience to indulge in their love for classic vehicles.

“Once again, we find ourselves in lockdown, with the challenge to stay well and healthy whilst facing the cancellation of events, and the uncertainty about when things will return to any kind of “normal”.

On the 28th November, the team would like you to submit a video, strictly no longer than six minutes long, about what you are working on in the garage, workshop or your business premises.

Enzo Ferrari once called the fledgeling British Formula 1 Constructors ‘Garagistas’ – he thought it an insult to the people in UK garages who were designing and building cars that were competing, and in some cases beating, his red thoroughbreds. We may not all be building Ferrari beating cars in our garages, but why not celebrate being a nation of ‘Garagistas’ while we have the chance.

Why six minutes? Well, six was the number on the Lotus Jim Clark first drove for Colin Chapman – arguably the King of Garagistas. Incidentally, it was also the number on Hill’s Lotus 49 which very nearly won on the car’s debut in 1967.

Simply contact us at revslimiter@gmail.com who will send back a time slot so that you can either pre-record and schedule your post to the Facebook group or stream it live on the day. They can supply details on how to schedule your post for those unfamiliar with Facebook, please remember they are not looking for Spielberg production values – just you, a phone, a vehicle and the garage!

Visit the REVS Limiter Facebook Page to find out more details.

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