Acclaimed 912c hits the road to Flywheel

Production ready and coming to the Experience & Demonstration Track

The KAMManufaktur 912c prototype that you might have stumbled across at the Scramble in October, or read rave reviews about in the press, is heading to the road – and to Flywheel.

The production specs of the ultra lightweight restomod have been honed and it will be taking to the Experience & Demonstration Track during Flywheel on 17-18 June, bringing a raucous soundtrack and spectacular drivability.

Being just 750kg all in means the 912c punches well above its weight and can retain the aicooled four-cylinder that makes the so-called budget Porsche once infamous, and now famous.

JPS Aircooled, a Swiss specialist, has stripped and improved the original engine, retaining the bottom end but eking out 190bhp and a screaming 7200rpm. That’s 100bhp and few thousand revs up in the original 912 of 1965 to 1969.

No aircooled engine can match it, KAMM says, because at 95bhp per litre it betters the 2.2S and its 82bhp/litre and the ‘mere’ 78bhp/litre of the iconic 2.7RS.

The 901 gearbox has been overhauled, with a short upright selector in place of the elbow stem of the original, and which can be matched to a close-ratio set-up – regardless, it will rival a Honda S2000 for rev chasing.

Semi-active suspension from TracTive sharpens the once soft ride, and AP Racing brakes have been installed in place of the drums to cope with the rather more performance.

Exactly how much carbon fibre used comes down to the buyer, who can retain the steel backbone and replace panels with carbon or commission a full carbon body.

Despite all the modernisation, company founder Miklós Kázmér says the key of the 912c is to never lose sight of its classic nature. “The 912c is designed to be as usable as a modern car but retains the driving experience of a classic racing car. 

"We provide reliability and performance with the analogue feel you would expect from a sports car of the sixties, and this makes it unique in the restomod sector.”

The €360,000 restomod will be at Bicester Heritage for Flywheel, taking place on Father’s Day weekend 17-18 June. Book tickets now